2012 News

It's almost time!  Buck Brannaman Clinic will be held September 28-October 1

      The response to this clinic has been huge and if everyone who has inquired about auditing actually comes, it could be very crowded here.  Saturday will be the most crowded day, and Monday will be the least crowded.  Please be aware that we are a private farm whose layout was never designed to handle the number of spectators this event has the potential to draw.  That said, we are doing our best to make this a great experience for everyone.  You can help by being patient and respectful of the property.  Here are answers to the questions we are asked most frequently:          

What time does the clinic start?

Colt Starting is from 9-12 and Horsemanship is from 1:30-4:30.

What is the cost for auditing/spectating?

Buck charges $25 a day whether you stay 10 minutes or all day.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely NO dogs are allowed.

Is there plenty of space for parking?

All parking for spectators will be across the street in a hayfield.   We will have parking attendants to guide you. Do not park in the hayfield that is taped off--that is our horses' food for next year.  Be prepared to walk 1/4 mile to the arena.  You will see cars, trucks and trailers parked on the right, but those parking areas are reserved for riders in the clinic. Unless you have a handicapped sticker, all spectator parking will be across the street from the main entrance to the farm.  SPECTATORS CANNOT DRIVE TO THE ARENA.  If you have special circumstances, please call Susan at 919-210-7473.

Is there food available on site?

Yes, we will have a great caterer on site who will have coffee, juice, muffins and fruit for sale in the mornings and chili, hot dogs & hamburgers and great sandwiches with fruit, pasta or potato salad for lunch.  There will be plenty of bottled drinks and desserts available for purchase as well.  The farm is just a mile off of Main Street in Walkertown, so Wendy's, McDonald's, Subway, Waffle House, The Seafood Shack and El Maguey are all easily accessible.

What if it rains?

The clinic will be held rain or shine, so plan your clothing accordingly.  Please note:  When classes are in the arena, the horses and riders are under the shelter of the arena, the spectators are not.

Is there seating available?

There is limited bleacher seating (thank you to our sponsor Wrangler!).  Bring a chair.   It is not likely to be useful when Buck is working in the arena (our covered arena has a solid 4-foot high knee wall so you can't sit in a chair and see), but you will be glad you have it when you are watching the Colt Starting class at the roundpen and at lunch.  It will also be useful if Buck takes the Horsemanship class outside to work in an open field. 

Can you recommend a hotel?

The host hotel with a discounted rate is the Sleep Inn in Kernersville.  Their number is 336-993-6800.  Also in Kernersville are the Quality Inn (336-996-3501) and the Holiday Inn Express (336-564-3333).  Our farm is 11 miles northeast of downtown Winston-Salem, so you can google hotels in Winston-Salem for more accommodations.  The Holiday Inn Express on Miller Street in Winston-Salem would be a good choice.  We do NOT recommend the Quality Inn on Akron Drive in Winston-Salem.

What is the physical address of the clinic location?

Sullivan Farm is at 5604 Sullivantown Road in Walkertown, NC  27051

Can I videotape the clinic?



Another Sullivan Farm-bred Hanoverian Makes a Winning Dressage Debut!

     We were so excited to receive this photograph of Delia (Dauphin-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) and the news that she and owner Erica Sorkin of New Jersey went to their first dressage show on June 17 and came home with first and second place ribbons!  Erica said that Delia settled in quickly, focused extremely well and wasn't fazed by fresh horses in the small schooling arena or the loose horse running around in their second test.  She said, "My goals were simply to get around our tests and give her a good experience, but she totally exceeded my expectations.  We ended up with a 66% and a 67.5% in Training Level Tests 1 and 2 with a fair but not overly generous judge and that was good enough for first and second places!"

     Congratulations Erica and keep up the good work!



Marion Meets Escudo I, Quaterback & Many Other Stallions in Germany

   Our daughter Marion absolutely loved Virginia Tech's two-week sport horse breeding course held in Germany May 29-June 10 and came home ready to move there!  The group of 14 students attended a foal show (won by a Totilas daughter!), a Mare Performance Test, and a Show Jumping competition as well as visited many state studs and private breeding farms.  They enjoyed a private meeting with Olympian Heike Kemmer, a private meeting with several-times bundeschampionat Dr.Ulf Moller at Hof Kasselmann and a private under-saddle presentation of the amazing Quaterback.  Three days were spent at Mecklenburg State Stud Redefin learning riding theory and taking dressage and jumping lessons in preparation for taking riding and oral tests for their reitabzeichen.  Marion passed, receiving her highest riding score in jumping.  One of many highlights of the trip was the chance to meet Escudo I, one of her favorite stallions and a sire with which we have had so much success crossing to our mare EM Wieta (see items on Ellington, Elation and Emerson below).



Marion and Escudo I, still handsome at age 21!                                            Marion and Serano, her partner for her Deutsche Reitabzeichen at Redefin.


More Show Success for Rosalynd

   We were so happy to hear from Kathleen Johnson that she and Rosalynd (Rotspon-Wishes Granted/Wolkenstein II) are back in the show ring!  Kathleen writes: "I just wanted to share that I took Rosalynd to her first horse show in four years (!) this past weekend and she was fabulous as usual. We did First 2 and got a 65% and 67% for 1st and 4th places. Of course, she could really go into the show ring without a rider and get those scores, she is so fabulous and an old hand at this business!"   Kathleen promises to send photos. 


EM Wolkendame Sold to Lynn St. Laurent

     Congratulations to Lynn St. Laurent of Richfield, NC, on her purchase of our Elite Mare Wolkendame!  Lynn gave her budding warmblood breeding program a major head start with the purchase of this outstanding imported mare.  EM Wolkendame placed 2nd out of 57 mares at her Mare Performance Test in Germany, receiving an overall score of 8.1!  Shortly after importation, EM Wolkendame competed at Dressage at Devon where she won the Three-Year-Old Fillies class, the Filly Championship and the Bari von Buedingen Perpetual Trophy for being the highest scoring Hanoverian at our nation's largest and most prestigious breed show.  Wolkendame consistently passed along superior temperament and excellent rideability to her offspring, and we are extra happy to report that we have EM Wolkendame back in foal to Rubignon for Lynn for a 2013 foal. 





Ellington Breaks 70% at First Level

     At Dressage in the Sandhills held May 11-13 in Pinehurst, NC, our gelding Ellington (Escudo I-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) showed successfully at First Level, scoring a 70.135% in First Level Test 2!  During two days of showing Ellington collected ribbons in all of his classes, and judges commented "an elegant and beautiful horse" and "very nice type with a great attitude!"  After having to cut showing from our budget for several years, it was great to get back out and we applaud the results of our trainer Susan Hopkins.

    At home this very smart and athletic gelding is schooling counter canter and is doing beautiful shoulder in and half-pass. This talented and lovable gelding is FOR SALE.  He jumps great too.  Susan, sorry we decapitated you in this photo!




Shortly after a little longing Ellington was trotting a beautiful stretching circles in the warm up field.


Edmond Makes Successful Show Debut at Dressage in the Sandhills

    In the first Training Level test at his first horse show, Edmond (Escudo I-EM Wolkendame/Wolkenstein II) showed the poise of a show veteran and scored a 73.125% to win the class!   Throughout two days of showing, Edmond continued to receive scores in the upper 60's and collected ribbons in all but one class.  He also received a 7.5 and an 8.0 on harmony with judges commenting, "Steady and rhythmic, Well done!, Forward thinking, and Very nice type."  Edmond's confidence grew each day under the expert riding of our trainer Susan Hopkins.  This Sullivan Farm-bred gelding is owned by Martha Klopfer of Durham, NC. 




Escudo I x EM Wieta Filly Officially Named!

    Owner Rebecca Derwin came up with what we all agree is the PERFECT name for this filly:  Elation SFH. Elation is growing more elegant by the day despite the fact that she is stubbornly holding on to her March foal coat! Congratulations again to Rebecca on her purchase of this marvelous filly. She's fancy and she knows it, and we all adore her!




Wishes for a Filly from EM Wolkendame are Granted!

  After carrying her for more than a year, EM Wolkendame finally delivered a filly by Rubignon on May 1.  We're still seeking just the right "R" name (suggestions welcome!) for this Rubignon beauty.  She has a gorgeous head with a big expressive eye and a vibrant, playful and friendly personality.   Here she is at one day of age.



And here she is at three days (left) and three weeks (right).



Emerson Wins Four of Four at Bermuda's Biggest Year-End Show!

   Emerson (Escudo I-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) won all four of his show jumping classes at the 74th annual Bermuda Agricultural Exhibition Show, Bermuda's largest and end-of-year show.  Fences from 3'6" to 4" were no problem for the five-year-old stallion and his rider and trainer Philip Correia, who was named the show's overall Adult Champion based on points won.  Correia is the son of Emerson's owner Dal Vasconcelos who has an eye for horses and bought Emerson as a weanling and kept him in our American Hanoverian Society-endorsed Young Horse Raising program until he was three years old.  Emerson's big wins at Bermuda's biggest show weren't the only highlight of  Dal and Philip's weekend:  The show ended at 6 p.m. on Saturday and Philip's wife Nicole delivered their daughter Alexa at 6 a.m. on Sunday!  Congratulations to all! 

   Emerson's rounds can be seen on YouTube at the following link:


Emerson wins at the annual Bermuda Agricultural Exhibition Show Jumping Competition for the second year in a row!




EM Wieta Pregnant with Custom Breeding for 2013 Foal

    Our beloved "Twiggy" has done it again! With just one insemination of frozen semen, Twiggy is in foal to the Dutch Warmblood stallion Kaareltje for his owner Michelle Roberts of Firemist Farm in Monkton, MD.  Michelle has high hopes this breeding will produce her future "heart" horse.  She scoured the country for suitable broodmare candidates for a custom breeding to her stallion and approached us back in the winter about the possibility with our EM Wieta, feeling her pedigree, size, conformation and temperament had the potential to make an excellent cross with her stallion.  After hearing her story with Kaareltje and feeling the love she has for him and her appreciation of him as her personal upper level dressage schoolmaster, we were happy to get on board to help make a dream come true for her.  This breeding is a gift to herself to keep a part of Kaareltje with her, and she says this 2013 foal will have a home with her for life!


Did you know Sullivan Farm is a dealer of Progressive Nutrition feed?

     Progressive Nutrition is a leader in the field of equine nutrition and we rely on them for everything from their Pro Advantage Grass Diet Balancer to Envision Classic, a high-quality fat supplement. Deliveries are made to the farm every 8-10 weeks. Email Bettie at for more information about this great feed!


Congratulations to Rebecca Derwin on the purchase of our Escudo I filly out of EM Wieta!

     Rebecca Derwin of Eureka Knoll Farm in Farmville, VA, is the proud and happy owner of  this special filly.  We suspect there's  a show career in her future!  Rebecca competes her mare East of Eden over fences and last year her Empowered was Best Young Pony at Upperville and Best Young Yearling/Colt at Devon.  Congratulations and best wishes for years of enjoyment and success with this black beauty!





EM Wolkendame's Price Reduced and Includes Free Veterinary Fees for One Breeding Cycle with Fresh Cooled Semen

     We are still awaiting the birth of EM Wolkendame's 2012 Rubignon foal, which we have decided to keep for now.  So, we are now offering her for sale open with the price to include free veterinary services for breeding one cycle with fresh cooled semen.  We will keep her at no cost to the buyer while she raises our foal.  This is a fabulous opportunity to purchase an imported mare with impressive credentials and lots of presence!   The one quality she consistently passes along is exceptional temperament.  Here she is with a foal by Londonderry.  Go to Horses For Sale for details.  $6,000.



EM Wieta is granddam of 2011 East Coast International Hunter Futurity Best Young Horse!

     Belated congratulations to Robin Stewart of Wood's End Farm in Suffolk, VA, for breeding Emerald Coast, winner of the 2011 Two-Year-Old Fillies class and the Best Young Horse title at the East Coast IHF championship last September!  We are proud to be connected.  Our EM Wieta is the dam of Emerald Coast's sire Edison.  Here is Wieta with her next superstar, a 2012 filly who is Edison's full sibling.



Waiting List Started for May 19-21 Greg Eliel Horsemanship Clinic

     All riding and groundwork spots are filled in the upcoming clinic, but we are taking names for a waiting list should an enrolled participant have to withdraw. We have unlimited space for auditors.  Greg is kind and patient instructor who is absolutely devoted to improving the relationship between riders and their horses. There is a lot to be learned from observing, and Greg gladly takes questions from auditors. Don't miss this chance to improve your horse handling and/or riding abilities! 



2012 Schedule set for Shea Walsh Dressage Clinics

    Former Dressage Olympian, Irishman Shea Walsh teaches at Sullivan Farm on Friday and Saturday mornings one weekend each month.  To schedule a ride in an upcoming clinic, call Susan Hopkins at 919-210-7473.  The 2012 schedule appears below his photograph. 

  Here is Shea back in the day riding in the European Championships.

2012 Schedule at Sullivan Farm

May 25-26

June 8-9

July 20-21

August 3-4

September 14-15

October 12-13

November 9-10

December 14-15



July 25 is the date for our American Hanoverian Society inspection & Yearling and Two-Year-Old Futurity

     On Wednesday, July 25, we will host an American Hanoverian Society inspection, which will include mare studbook inspections, a Mare Performance Test, and foal presentations, followed by the AHS Yearling and Two-Year-Old Futurity. The Futurity is open to AHS-registered yearling colts and fillies and two-year old colts and fillies (4classes). Judges will give scores on a scale of 1-100 in three equally-weighted categories:  Conformation/Type, Movement, and Foundation/Legs. Copies of the score sheets will be given to participants at the conclusion of the class. Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded in each of the four classes.

     Horses will be shown on the triangle; yearlings are to be shown in a halter and two-year olds in a bridle. They may not be turned loose, but a second round will be permitted if needed. Scores will be tabulated from every Futurity Class across the country, and at the end of the year the overall winners will be announced. The year-end ranking will be listed on AHS website with Champions and Reserve Champions noted as well as the owner, sire and damsire. $3000 in prize money will be split between the top five yearlings and the top five two-year-olds in the country. Each inspection site will offer Futurity Classes so Hanoverian owners throughout the country ca participate. Expect more information on the Futurity to come from the AHS Office. 


Escudo I filly born March 22

     EM Wieta delivered her fifth Escudo I foal just after midnight on March 22.   This black beauty has a fun personality and plenty of "e" words come to mind when describing her:  entertaining, endearing, exquisite, exceptionally independent, elegant, and everything we could ask for!  Here she is on Easter Sunday at just over two weeks old.  Her full siblings are the stallions Edison and Emerson and the geldings Ellington and Ethan. 





Puppies are expected April 25!

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback Boomeranne (aka"Daisy") was bred to Ch. Andy's Gallent Shield, and puppies are due at the end of April.  We don't know how many yet, but if the litter is big enough we will be offering puppies for sale.  If you are interested in a fully AKC-registerable RhodesianRidgeback puppy, give us a call!  For information on the father, go to




Next Shea Walsh Dressage Clinic set for March 23 & 24

    Former Irish Dressage Olympian Shea Walsh returns to teach at Sullivan Farm Friday March 23 and Saturday March 24.  We hope to finalize his monthly schedule for 2012 soon and will post it on the website as soon as we have it.  To schedule a ride in March call Susan Hopkins at 919-210-7473.


Accepting Entries for Greg Eliel Horsemanship Clinic  May 18-22.    

     Greg Eliel will return for his ninth annual clinic at the farm May 18-22 and will be offering Horsemanship I and II as well as a two-day session of groundwork suitable for young horses who have not yet been started under saddle.  The Groundwork for Youngsters session will last two hours and will be held on Saturday and Sunday.  This class is limited to six participants. 

     Each section of Horsemanship is limited to 12 horses and riders, and entries are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Contact Susan Hopkins at 919-210-7473 to enroll.  There are spots available in all sections at this time (February 25), but all three classes are close to filling so don't delay if you want to work with Greg.  The four-day Horsemanship sections cost $450 and Groundwork for Youngster is $250.  A $150 deposit is required to hold your spot.  Four nights of on-site stabling is available for $100.


Buck Brannaman returns to Sullivan Farm September 28-October 1, 2012

     Buck Brannaman will offer Horsemanship I and Colt Starting at his fifth clinic at Sullivan Farm to be held September 28-October 1.  Both classes are filled with waiting lists, and we are taking reservations for auditors.  Due to demand following the 2011 release of the documentry BUCK, we may have to limit the number of auditors.  We are a private farm and can handle only so much traffic!  The fee for auditing/spectating is $25/day.  Email Bettie at or call Susan Hopkins at 919-210-7473 to put your name on the list for auditing.  For those of you on the waiting lists for riding spots, we will call you if one becomes available. There is no need for you to check back with us as long as Susan has your correct contact information.  Movement on the waiting lists usually doesn't occur until a few weeks before the clinic.


Susan and Buck share a moment at Buck's 2011 North Carolina clinic.  She is riding Ellington, a Sullivan Farm-bred gelding who is for sale.


Edmond Sold!

Belated public congratulations to Martha Klopfer on her purchase of Edmond (Escudo I-EM Wolkendame/Wolkenstein II)!  Susan and I have long been enamored with his temperament, work ethic and gaits, and after a couple of test rides Martha was charmed too!  We are delighted to see him go to such a great home and wish Martha years of enjoyment with him.


Trying him out.                                                                                                He's the one!

Martha and Edmond working happily at home!

Catching Air

We love getting news of horses we've bred and sold, and getting pictures is even better!  Here is Emerson (Escudo I-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) schooling 4 feet and making it look easy. Best wishes to Dal in Bermuda for continued success!

And here is Emerson looking as beautiful as ever! A full sibling is due in late March.


Joe Wolter Private Colt Starting Clinic Held December 6-11, 2011

Ok, so I'm a little behind in getting this up, but since it seems like it was just a few weeks ago, it's going under 2012 News!  Joe Wolter traveled from Texas to conduct a private 6-day Colt Starting clinic at the farm in early December and left everyone impressed and refreshed with his approach and abilities.  What a way Joe has with horses!  He is patient and kind and is always looking to make things easy for the horse to figure out.  After only the third day under saddle, the horses were so comfortable that the group left the arena and went on a trail ride around the farm. 

   Joe Wolter


Susan and our homebred Hot Date SFH (Hotline-Hillary/Silvermoon) trot outside the arena on Day 4 of our colt starting clinic with Joe Wolter.  Don't let the western tack fool you--there is an incredible dressage horse-in-the-making underneath! 

Dewey SFH, a farm-bred coming three-year-old by Don Frederico out of Hillary (by Silvermoon), also participated in Joe's clinic and got to wear a saddle for the first time.   She will be started under saddle later this year and is for sale.


2011 News

EM Wolkendame Offered for Sale in Foal to Rubignon for 2012

Getting her in foal to Rubignon makes it even harder for us to part with her, but we are committed to decreasing our numbers and offer her for sale.  After a several years break from breeding, she conceived easily on the first cycle and is happily pregnant.  This mare loves being in foal and she loves having a baby at her side!  All of her offspring have shown extraordinary rideability, and that is a certainty with the pairing of her and Rubignon with his Rubinstein-Donnerhall bloodlines.

     This Elite Mare has impressive credentials. She scored an overall 8.1 on her Mare Performance Test in Germany, placing second out of 57mares and earning all 8s and 9s for her gaits and rideability.  While in Germnay she won her 1a prize and fulfilled all the requirements for attaing her States Premium Mare title except for having a foal.  Upon importation to the U.S., she wowed the judges at Dressage at Devon and won the Filly Championship and the Bari von Buedingen trophy (awarded to the highest scoring Hanoverian at Dressage at Devon) in 2000.  For more information, go to our Sales Page and scroll down to EM Wolkendame


Elite Mare Wieta in Foal to Escudo I for the Fifth Time

Hunter breeder and rider Rebecca Derwin of Eureka Knoll Farm in Farmville, VA,  has a colt only in utero contract on EM Wieta's 2012 foal.  Here are a couple of full siblings to the pregnancy:

  Emerson     Ellington

Delia Sold and Moved to New Jersey

Congratulations to Erica Sorkin of Pennsville, NJ, on the purchase of Delia, EM Wieta's 2006 filly by Dauphin in May!  These petite ladies are an excellent match, and we wish them the best success in the dressage ring.  Marion will want to kill me for posting it, but this photo of her with Delia as a foal wearing a crown of clover blossoms is one of my favorites. On the right is the elegant three-year-old Delia at her Hanoverian mare inspection.


News from Bermuda!

Emerson's owner called from Bermuda to say the four-year-old stallion  "has so much talent it's not funny!"   If you go to YouTube and type in Emerson in Bermuda, you will see what he means.  Emerson won two trophies at Bermuda's end-of-season show this spring.  Take a look at one of his rounds at:  Emerson is by Escudo I out of EM Wieta who is in foal with a 2012 full sibling.  Here is Emerson relaxing in Bermuda.  Wait until you see him jump!

2011 Schedule Set for Shea Walsh Monthly Dressage Clinic

At last the schedule for 2011 is set!  Go to the Dressage Clinics page under EVENTS for dates for the remainder of the year.  Email Bettie at if you'd like to be emailed about any last-minute date changes. 

Greg Eliel Horsemanship Clinic Set for May 21-24

We are holding spots on a first come, first served basis, and the list is filling, so if you are interested don't wait to contact us! Greg offers only 12 spaces each in Horsemanship I and Horsemanship II so that he can give each rider plenty of individual attention. His clinic is a great way to improve how you relate to your horse as well as an excellent way to get your horses softer, more respectful, and more responsive.  A former student of Buck Brannaman, Greg is devoted to helping people improve the harmony in their relationship with their horse.  For more information, email or call Susan Hopkins at 919-210-7473. There is unlimited space for auditors for which Greg charges $25 a day.

Daughter Marion Shows on Virginia Tech's Intercollegiate Hunter Team

One of the highlights of Marion's sophomore year was riding on the Hunter Team at Virginia Tech.  She had an excellent spring season winning three firsts and one second in her flat classes.  Accepting first place at the show hosted by Virginia Tech was especially sweet!

Sullivan Farm featured in documentary film BUCK

   When Buck Brannaman was here in 2007 for his biennial four-day horsemanship clinic, Cedar Creek Productions asked if they could come and shoot footage for a documentary about Buck. We said sure!  Now that footage along with film from eight other locations in the United States has been crafted into a documentary created to move people to make changes in how they deal with horses and life's challenges. By telling Buck's story, Cedar Creek hopes to inspire and teach through principles of respect, partnership and trust championed by Buck in his life and his clinics.

     The documentary is visually stunning, and won the Audience Award at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Documentary Competition.  For more information about the film and to see photos from the Sullivan Farm location, go to  To watch the trailer for the film, go to

The film has been so well received that a general release in select theaters across the country begins in mid-June!


2010 News

Susan and Winola win Mid-Atlantic Hanoverian Breeders Club Mare Performance Test!

A top showing at the fall Mare Performance Test hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Hanoverian Breeders Club (MAHB) is especially sweet since the test is contested by mares bred, raised, and prepared by many of the very top breeders in the country.  In November our trainer Susan Hopkins won the top trophy for the third (!) time on Karen Morris' five-year-old Weltmeyer daughter Winola.  Karen sent Winola to us for preparation in late summer and was rewarded when her mare received an 8.5 on rideability and an overall score that placed her first among 15 mares.  Susan has previously won the MAHB Mare Performance Test on our own EM Wieta and EM Laural, earning 8s for rideability with both mares--further endorsement of her training and riding abilities!  Karen found us through the American Hanoverian Society's Training Identification Program.

Buck Brannaman Clinic October 15-18, 2010
      We are pleased to host internationally renowned horseman and author Buck Brannaman this October.  Buck has an amazing way with horses, and to watch horses respond to him and be transformed by him is enlightening. He will conduct a Colt Starting session each morning and Horsemanship I each afternoon.  Both offerings are filled, but please call and add yourself to our waiting list of riders since there are always last-minute scratches due to rider and/or horse health issues. 

     We have unlimited space for auditors, and Buck's $25-a-day auditing fee is payable upon arrival.  For additional information and/or an application, contact Susan Hopkins at 336-376-8255 or email

Custom Breedings Available in 2011 for 2012 Foals
We are offering custom breedings to several of our mares for 2011.  Here's your chance to use our top bloodlines to produce your next champion.  Call for more information.

EM Wieta

(Wolkenstein II-Lilith/Lauries Crusador xx)

EM Wieta was the fourth-highest scoring mare (7.84) on the 2001 AHS inspection tour, receiving 8s on her gaits, head, neck, frame, foreleg, conformation and overall impression and development. For typiness and femininity she earned a 9. A year later she was Champion of her Mare Performance Test earning an 8 for rideability. She ranked third in the standings for the Hartwig prize awarded by the American Hanoverian Society to “The Best Young Mare Bred in North America” based on inspection and Mare Performance Test scores.






(Blue Hors Silver Moon-Herbstnacht III/Lucado)
Our imported Danish Trakehner mare Hillary shares the same sire, Blue Hors Silver Moon, as dressage superstars Blue Hors Matine (whose 2006 World Cup performace is immortalized on YouTube) and Lars Peterson’s Sucess (two-time Dressage at Devon Grand Prix Freestyle Champion). She has produced two very nice black fillies by Hotline and Don Frederico for us.

2009 News

EM Wieta's filly by Benetton Dream, Bottega Veneta SFH, fulfilled our hopes for a very special foal.  Here she is at six days old cantering and practicing her open stance for future breed shows!














At Dressage at Lexington, Bottega Veneta SFH (Benetton Dream-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) won the Fillies of 2009 class with a score of 79.3, the highest individual score of the entire breed show!  She went on to be named Filly Champion and Young Horse Reserve Champion!  Bo also won the Hanoverian Individual Breed Class.

  Photo by Pat Limage


Our trainer Susan Hopkins earned her USDF Silver Medal with scores at Prix St. Georges aboard long-time partner Fair Worth.


Rosita (Rotspon-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) became an Elite Mare Candidate with the successful completion of her Mare Performance Test (MPT) in July.  To the credit of our trainer Susan Hopkins, who started and trained Rosita and then rode her in the MPT (with an injured ankle no less!), Rosita scored an 8 on rideability.  In fact, Rosita is the fourth of our homebred mares started by Susan to earned an 8 on rideability at the Hanoverian Mare Performance Test.


Bottega Veneta SFH (Benetton Dream-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) earned praise for her correct conformation at the Hanoverian inspection in July.


A third daughter of our top-producing EM Wieta also enjoyed success at the Hanoverian inspection hosted by our farm.   Delia (by Dauphin) became Elite Eligible at scoring a 7.33 at inspection.  Here she shows the trot and type that both scored 8s.


Ellington (Escudo I-EM Wieta/WolkensteinII) and Susan were selected as one of two Training Level demonstration combinations for the NCDCTA Kathy Connelly Symposium in October.  Here they are at the symposium.


2008 News

Bailey Cook and Foreigner (Werther-Brown Sugar xx/Castle Magic xx) scored in the 60s every time out at Prix St. Georges in 2008 and qualified for the BLM Championships. At the BLMs they scored 67% in a warm-up class but couldn’t repeat it in the championship class. Bailey plans to show at Intermediaire I in 2009. Purchased as a resale project as a coming three-year-old, Foreigner, like many Werther offspring, charmed Bailey with his endearing personality and work ethic and has been with her ever since.

Edison (Escudo I-EM Wieta/Wolkenstein II) had a very successful show season at First Level with Jim Koford, earning scores as high as 70% and qualifying for both the BLM Championships and our USDF Regional Championships in 2008. His athletic ability and willingness to work will enable him to jump up to Third and Fourth levels in 2009. Edison is owned by hunter rider and breeder Robin Stewart of Wood’s End Farm in Suffolk, Virginia.