Dr. Steve Carroll has been breeding mares with transported semen for more than 19 years and has specialized in breeding with frozen semen. He operates his equine veterinary practice out of the farm, which enables us to offer short-term and long-term boarding to outside mares in for breeding with transported semen. We also make available our 18 years of experience foaling out mares and caring for newborns by offering foaling services. Pregnant mares are kept in comfortable well-ventilated stalls, and private turnout in safe fencing is provided daily. As foaling approaches, mares are moved to 19’ x 23’ foaling stalls that are located within 100 yards of our residence. We utilize the Foalert monitoring system to insure each foaling is attended.

Young Horse Raising

For optimal socialization and physical development, our young horses grow up outside 24/7 with age appropriate groups in large fields with run-in shelters. We carefully monitor their growth and development and formulate a diet of Progressive Nutrition feeds for each individual. Young horses are handled from day one utilizing horsemanship methods that instill respect, confidence and a desire to be with people. Colts are raised in groups with an older gelding. As stallion prospects develop they continue to be raised with a gelding for positive social and mental development.

Young Horse Starting & Training

Our philosophy is to teach youngsters in a way that preserves their sensitivity, enhances their gaits and builds trust.  Our trainer Susan Hopkins has developed a regimen for starting young horses that incorporates the horsemanship methods of Buck Brannaman and the training methods of classical dressage trainer, rider and instructor Shea Walsh. She teaches youngsters how to travel straight, forward and through. Susan’s talent for instilling confidence in the horse and her understanding of how horses learn enhances her training, and her soft, tactful riding results in a picture of harmony. Always fair, kind and consistent, Susan lays the foundation for success in any discipline.

Inspection Preparation

We have been preparing and presenting mares with excellent results since 1995.

Mare Performance Test Preparation

Susan Hopkins has been successfully preparing mares for the AHS Mare Performance Test since 1994. Since training at our farm, 75% of our homebred mares that she has started and trained have received 8s on rideability and 100% have become Elite Mare Candidates, a resounding endorsement of Susan’s abilities.

Dressage Training Through FEI

While perhaps best known for her accomplishments with young horses, Susan Hopkins also has the experience and ability to train and compete at the FEI level. She showed the Hanoverian stallion Wummestern through the levels to Prix St. Georges and the stallion Nebelhorn at the Grand Prix Freestyle. At present, Susan is successfully showing a mare she has trained since age four at Prix St. Georges, earning scores in the mid-sixties. In addition to Shea Walsh, Susan she has worked with many notable trainers over the years such as Nicole Uphoff, Walter Zettl, Gunnar Ostergaard and Scott Hassler.


Boarding is primarily available for horses in training and our young horse raising program, but we occasionally have openings for additional horses. Maintaining a tranquil environment and allowing horses to live as much like horses as possible (with turnout in age and/or gender-appropriate groups) are factors in accepting boarders. Knowledgeable, conscientious staff and an equine veterinarian reside on the property, providing increased peace of mind for owners. Additional information on our amenities may be found on Our Facilities page. Please inquire about availability.


Students of all levels and ambitions are welcome to trailer-in for lessons with Susan Hopkins. An accomplished rider and trainer, Susan is dedicated to establishing a correct foundation in both horses and riders based on the training methods of classical dressage. Her goal is to create a harmonious partnership: effective, confident riders with soft hands and independent seats and legs and responsive horses that are happy in their work.